Friends of Solar Prep Awarded $110,000 from Lyda Hill

Solar Preparatory School for Girls needs additional outdoor play space to accommodate all of the girls. Friends of Solar Prep (FOSP) applied for an opportunity to pitch Lyda Hill for a $100,000 grant to build a new playground and surrounding security fence to provide enough equipment and space for all the girls to participate in outdoor free play. The playground and associated green space would provide 4,575 additional square feet of play area.

Our application was accepted and we planned to pitch Ms. Hill on December 10th, 2018.  We arrived to find about 20 other nonprofits that had been selected, all of whom do amazing things in the community.  It turned out we didn’t need to make a pitch, as Ms. Hill decided to award every nonprofit there with a $100,000 grant for our respective infrastructure projects, and awarded an extra $10,000 to each nonprofit to apply where it was most needed.  What an amazing day and a win for Solar Prep!  


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